Veterans Day Flyers

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These Veterans Day flyers were meant to invite people in the community to attend Champions Community Church‘s “Friends, Family, and Veterans Day” celebration.

We love to do work for, with, or in any way involving veterans, and this ended up being a very rewarding project.

We were going for a fun but serious look all wrapped into one. We took the retro propaganda poster as kind of the fun way of looking at the Veterans Day flyers, and the sharp edged illustration, colors, and bold font to cover the seriousness.

The colors for the Veterans Day Flyers were chosen more for communication than they were for creativity. The blue green and white were for the historical uniforms of each branch of the military, and the yellowish color was chosen to kind of communicate a feeling of old. The font chosen was League Gothic for its sharp and serious propaganda-like feel.

Flyer 4″ x 6″ print
Poster 11″ x 17″ print
Web scroller 710px x 310px web