Valentines Day Event Flyer

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This Valentines Day event flyer was meant to inform people in Champions Community Church about an upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration.

We were going for a warm Valentine’s Day feel without all the hearts and feminine design elements. We wanted to design something that looked clean and simple while delivering all the info in a way that wouldn’t alienate men.

The colors chosen for the Valentines Day event flyer were black and white for contrast, and reds, of course, to show the love and passion that go hand in hand with the holiday. We also decided to use Futura Extra Black Bold for the valentines day event flyers in a further attempt to avoid alienating men. That font is most commonly associated with Nike sports gear, therefore our hope was that even without knowing, the men would recognize it as masculine. We’re told the event was a great success.

Flyer 6.25″ x 4.25″ print
Web scroller 710px x 310px web