Promo Event Flyers

These promo event flyers were for Champions Community Church‘s Movie Night on the Lawn.

We were going for a really retro and special look for these promo event flyers. We wanted to take a page from the Netflix branding effort, and try and make the movie night event something special. When Netflix branded themselves, they wanted to remind people of the nostalgia of movies in the 1940’s, and we aimed for that very same thing; we just did it a little differently.

The colors chosen for the promo event flyers were a coral kind of red, two tones of beige for type contrast, and a turquoise blue for more warm/cool contrast. The fonts chosen were to emphasize the days of old, and were American Purpose Casual and Hominis.

Flyer 8.75″ x 4″ print
Poster 11″ x 17″ print
Web scroller 710px x 310px web