Millionaire Mobile Marketing Branding

  • millionaire-mobile-CID-mockup
  • millionaire-mobile-business-cards-mockup2
  • millionaire-mobile-website-mockup

The Millionaire Mobile Marketing Branding project was a very special one for us to be a part of.

Millionaire Mobile Marketing wanted a very fun and approachable design that represented what they do for their clients without focusing too much on themselves. They wanted something modern. Millionaire Mobile Marketing is a marketing company with a unique angle, and it’s one we can relate to; they’re also based in Houston, TX. They wanted to develop their identity and website so they called us. After discussing several styles and designs, we knew exactly what the client wanted to see, and thankfully we delivered.

For the website, they needed something engaging. We went with a very clean layout, and huge type to grab the attention of the end-user. We also implemented a few very special features that helped Millionaire Mobile Marketing help their clients.

The colors chosen for the branding design were green, green, green, and white. We started off with several different color options, but after some deep discussions with the President, we came to the conclusion that green was the best color for the business, and we should focus on that. The fonts chosen were a variety of Nexa Slab family members.

Business card 3.5″ x 2″ print
Letterhead 8.5″ x 11″ print
Shipping label 4.25″ x 3.25″ print
#10 envelope 4.125″ x 9.5″ print
Website 1280px x 800px web