Heart for the House Designs

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These Heart for the House designs were meant to inform people in the community to participate in Champions Community Church‘s “Heart for the House Christmas Offering”.

The Heart for the House designs had three root causes; the friday night block party-a community outreach program held for children of all ages, remodeling the children’s ministry wing, and benevolence.

We were going for a warm loving look that appealed to adults but maintained the children as the most important focus. After a few sketches, we decided this logo should be divisible, so for the iconic part of the logo, we sketched up a small, old-school looking church house. The church house contained a heart and the number “4” to visually portray the words ‘Heart for the House’.

For the logotype, we chose a child-like handwritten font. I decided to underline the two combined elements when used together, and broke up the line to represent giving more than the expected 10%, and also used these elements and style throughout the entire campaign.

The black was chosen for the Heart for the House designs to represent the specialness of the campaign, and the red to symbolize compassion and love. The font chosen was DK Crayon Crumble.

Info Card 7″ x 3.5″ print
Commitment Card 8.5″ x 3.5″ print
Web scroller 710px x 310px web
Projector image 720px x 480px NTSC DV Widescreen