Fundraiser Flyer Designs

  • church-fundraiser-flyer-1
  • church-fundraiser-flyer
  • church-fundraiser-flyer-3
  • church-fundraiser-flyer-2

These fundraiser flyer designs were meant to inform patrons of Champions Community Church‘s attempt at raising funds for their annual youth trip to the Forward Conference. People in the church donated old, used, broken, and new phones that were just laying around, and the phones were sold to a salvage company.

The front of the fundraiser flyer designs feature an old iPhone with a broken screen to help communicate the point, and the back side has an illustration of Atlanta’s skyline to communicate the purpose.

For the fundraiser flyer designs we chose grayscale with a little bit of red to make the type pop, and the font chosen was helvetica for it’s cleanliness and legibility since these were laying around in various places.

Flyer 3.25″ x 6.25″ print