Easter Celebration Flyer

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  • church-easter-celebration-flyer

This Easter celebration flyer was meant to inform people in the church about Champions Community Church‘s upcoming Easter and Palm Sunday celebrations.

On the Easter celebration flyer, we were going for a warm friendly feel without putting too much emphasis on the Easter Bunny and Eggs etc. We wanted to design something that had a retro feel and was image driven, so we chose the image of the lone Easter egg hiding in the grass because it was subtle and went well with the event being advertised.

On the Palm Sunday side of the flyer, we were going for the same warm friendly feel while adding a feeling of power and marvel through the image. In the hunt for photography, we came across that incredible image of the sunrise thrusting through the trees and instantly fell in love.

The colors were orange, yellow, and blue-green, all in attempt to further drive home that friendly, warm, renewing spring feeling. The fonts chosen were Wisdom Script and Franchise, both clean and retro looking.

Flyer 6.25″ x 3.25″ print
Web scroller 710px x 310px web