Oilfield Company Corporate Identity Design

  • oilfield-company-corporate-brand-identity-design

This is a oilfield company corporate identity design for Precision Instrumentation & Electrical, an oilfield service company in the Houston Area.

Oilfield company corporate identity design is not easy, and there were some challenges that occurred during this project, but it was nothing we couldn’t overcome.

The logo is divisible and is composed of two main elements: The text, Precision Instrumentation & Electrical, and the icon, the orange O. The orange O was inspired by Precision’s constant use of piping and tubing. For applications where the use of the logo in its entirety is not acceptable, the icon can be extracted and used on its own.

As for the business card, letterhead, envelope, website, and all other deliverables, the triangular graphic element was chosen because of Precision’s regular use of trigonometry to properly bend the tubing and pipe that inspired their logo.

The colors chosen for the project were mainly navy blue for reliability and a highlight of orange for approachability. Ironically, the clients had actually picked these colors without knowing all the reasons behind them but when I explained the power that color has, they were sold instantly and stuck with the blue and orange combo.

This was one of our favorite projects to date for a number of reasons.

Business card 3.5″ x 2″ print
Letterhead 8.5″ x 11″ print
Shipping label 4.25″ x 3.25″ print
#10 envelope 4.125″ x 9.5″ print
ID card 4″ x 2.5″ print
Website 1280px x 800px web