Chili Cook Off Poster

  • chili-cookoff-poster-fundraiser

This is a chili cook off poster for Champions Community Church. It was used to promote the event, and reportedly was a success.

The design for the chili cook off poster was simple, rustic, bright, and warm. It was exactly what the client asked for. We went for a typographic intensive look, so the imagery would get some attention, but wouldn’t be too distracting since there was a lot of info to be delivered. The barn door texture on the background calmly drove home the rustic look, while the colors, not nearly as subtly, carried the information home.

The fonts chosen for the chili cook off poster were Rockwell Extra Bold, and Rocket script. Rockwell was chosen for high legibility at a distance, and the rocket script conjured up thoughts of cattle brands or something along those lines.

Poster 22″ x 26″ print