Champions Community Church Website Redesign

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This is the Champions Community Church Website Redesign. CCC is a Bible-based church on the North side of Houston.

This website redesign was not easy, and there were some challenges that occurred during this project, but it was nothing we couldn’t overcome.

CCC needed a new website to provide church members with some functionalities that were easy to navigate and were styled in a way that truly reflected the heart of the church. Some of those functionalities included video players with access to previous messages, embedded podcasts for audio messages, and an interactive calendar.

We used lots of photos from their community outreach events and services to really show the vision of the church, “Serving our community is serving our purpose” as well as rewriting some copy.

The colors chosen for the project were decided based on the brand and logo that are already in place, and they were burgundy, white, black, and gray. The fonts chosen were Bebas Neu for the bold headlines, and Helvetica for the copy. Several other fonts are used for other projects that are featured on the site, such as baptisms or Christmas events, but listing them all would be a pain, and they’re not really important for this.

With 28 pages of content, the Champions Community Church website redesign was the biggest site we’ve ever completed. We even combined and eliminated some pages!

There are also a small handfull of other projects being redesigned for CCC, and we’ll post them soon. 🙂

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