Champions Community Church Echo Campaign

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  • champions-community-church-echo-flyer
  • champions-community-church-echo-poster
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  • champions-community-church-echo-connection-cards
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This Champions Community Church Echo Campaign was a part of launching a church service just for students.

That, said, we were going for a modern look and feel that would be relevant and palatable to students while stirring up a buzz before the launch. The concept behind the launch was taken from JayZ’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album release. In the months leading up to the release, they put videos on you tube, images on social media, a website for the album, and probably various other mediums. They had one thing in common: none of them really said much about what would be on the album. It was all a big mystery because everything was done in gray scale and there were black bars covering certain images and words as to hide them and create that buzz. It worked, so we took the concept and ran with it.

For the flyers and poster, everything was done in gray scale with modern typography, triangle patterns, and black bars covering certain content. The images we used were one of a concert with dramatic lighting and one of a flock of birds taking off from a lakeside, both to sort of tell a story but still leave info to be desired. It worked! We were told about people all around the church asking questions about this new echo thing. The attendance for the first night was projected to be in the 50’s, but there were 130-some people in attendance.

The funniest thing about the Champions Community Church Echo Campaign was when the printer called to double check if that’s how the files were supposed to look, with all those black bars blocking certain content. After that, all of the people of contact for the project were very concerned about the concept, but after putting their faith and trust in us, they saw the overwhelmingly-awesome results.

The logo for the Champions Community Church Echo Campaign was chosen because it was modern looking, but it gave a clear message. The E, H, and O of the logo extend outside of the barrier, to show how an echo travels. The Echo logo is made of custom type.

After the launch, we began adding color into the mix, and we chose an electric cyan-blue. The black and white for the pre-launch of the Champions Community Church Echo Campaign was to show importance and create mystery, and then once launched the cyan-blue was chosen to convey an electrifying futuristic feel. The font chosen was Helvetica Neue, and it was chosen for it’s modern look and feel that remained highly legible. Students have a short attention span, and we didn’t want to give these deliverables any reason to be overlooked. This was a huge success, and it was tons of fun!

11″ x 17″ print poster
3.5″ x 4.5″ print volunteer badges
5″ x 5″ print flyer
3.5″ x 8.5″ connection card
710px x 310px web