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Professional Resume Design for Non-Designers

Writing a good resume can get you the job… or at least it’ll probably put your resume on the top of the pile!

But professional resume design is a skill not everyone has. No worries though, there is help out there. Here is how to create a resume format that will make your skills stand out. Design is important next to content. The grouping, highlighting and placement of the text can help your resume stand out.

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Social Media Image Dimensions

The comprehensive Social Media Image Dimensions guidelines

If you’ve been online for more than five minutes, you’ve probably got some sort of social network. Furthermore, you can probably tell it’s a pretty visual thing. This holds even more true if you’re trying to market your business using social media.

There’s a lot to remember with all the sizes and character counts on each different network. Well, fear no more. The awesome folks over at Tent Social have hooked it up with a comprehensive guide for social media image dimensions.

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What is Typography? The Differences Between Serif and Sans Serif

What is Typography? The Differences Between Serif and Sans Serif Typefaces and a whole bunch more.


Why are designers so crazy about typography? Type is power; that’s why we’re so crazy about it! What IS typography, though? Whether you’re a client undertaking their first real graphic design project or you’re a seasoned veteran designer that just needs a refresher, here’s a useful list of the whats and whys of choosing typefaces. From differences between serifs and sans serifs, to X-heights, squooshing and tittles, there’s something here for everyone.

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